Plus One Flyers is one of the oldest and largest flying club in Southern California. This non-profit flying club provides pilots, from the student to commercial level, with the best value for their aviation dollar. One of the many advantages of Plus One Flyers is its ability to have members schedule their aircraft online. Currently the club has over 40 planes available to club members at four San Diego airports. The following are Plus One Flyers aircraft that are based at Ramona Airport.


This low time instrument aircraft is equipped with a Garmin 530 with WAAS and Traffic Information Service (TIS). This plane is perfect for Instrument and Commercial training. It is also a favorite for cross- country flying trips.


The perfect tail wheel aircraft to receive transition training in or to begin your initial private pilot training. It is one of just a few tailwheel aircraft available in San Diego for rental and training.

JKA aircraft are exclusively available through the flying club Plus One Flyers